Should you use training pants for your kids? Why and how?

Should you use training pants for your kids? Why and how?

Potty training at the right age is a very important lesson that small children learn. Every person has a separate opinion regarding ‘what a toddler should wear during potty or toilet training?’ Ultimately it is your personal decision and you should use any of the options or a combination of two or more that works best for your child. Among many available options, one is to use the potty training pants to help your toddler understand and communicate the need to use the potty. These garments facilitate an easy transition from diapers to underwear. 

What are potty training pants? 

Potty training pants are very similar to regular underwear with an extra layer of absorbent material. Such material is sewn at the innermost area of the pants that touches the skin of your tot. These pants are more customizable as compared to the regular diaper. The absorbent material is placed for a purpose; it absorbs the little leaks that may happen while your tot reaches the toilet. The moisture in the absorbent material makes the baby feel a little wet at the bottom to understand the difference between wet and dry. 

Don’t over expect! Let me tell you that training pants are not designed to absorb much liquid. It can merely absorb dribble that may leak while reaching the potty. 

  • Potty training pants bridge the gap between the diaper and underpants. It means if you think your child is grown up for a diaper but still not ready to go with underpants. Then you must opt for the training pants.
  • Training pants facilitates the child to analyze the difference between wet and dry and also between dirty and clean. Your child will feel the difference and learn to stay dry and clean rather than wet and dirty. 
  • Potty training pants are eco-friendly, and they are economical as well. Unlike diapers, you can wash training pants, reuse them multiple times, and you can keep them for your next kid. 
  • Potty training pants are very similar to regular underpants. Using training pants can encourage your child to feel like a big kid and he can pull up and down the underpants on his own. 

    When to introduce Potty training pants to your tot?

    People often wonder when and how to introduce training pants to their child. The correct answer is that you must begin when your child is ready for toilet training. Though usually, tots are ready to switch from diapers to training pants between 12 to 30 months, girls tend to show signs earlier as compared to boys. Girls show readiness for training pants between 12 to 24 months. 

    The child must be able to walk to the bathroom, pull down the training pants and sit on the potty. So instead of considering age, one must consider the signs that the child shows the readiness for training pants. These signs include –

    • The readiness and ability to follow simple instructions

    • Understand the terms for potty and use them to communicate

    • Communicate the urge to pee or poop and use the potty for the same

    • The child can keep the diaper dry for at least two hours

    • Go to the potty, sit on it for enough time

    • Able to pull down the diaper 

    • The child must show an interest in using potty and wearing underpants. 

      How to introduce potty training pants to your tot?

      The best way is to initiate wearing waterproof training pants for the first few weeks of toilet training. The waterproof training pants or plastic training pants are specifically designed for accidents or leaks. They can manage the oops moment during the training period. Do remember, they can just handle the leaks. The absorption capacity is too less as compared to regular diapers. 

      Make sure that the training pants you choose must be made up of soft and comfortable material. It must provide the same comfort to the child as a diaper. It would not be worthwhile if the child discovers its training pants to be irritating and poorly fit. The intelligent option is to choose fun patterns and colorful training pants with attractive prints so that the child wants to wear them.

      What kind of potty training pants is best? 

      You can discover two different kinds of training pants – cloth and disposable. Both these options have their own pros and cons and which one to choose is totally up to you. Potty training pants are eco-friendly and offer cost-saving as you can reuse them many times. Disposable diapers are hassle-free like diapers as you need not wash again and again. Initially, you can go with disposable training pants, and later you can switch on the cloth version.


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