Baby Care

  • Top 10 Best Baby Care Tips for New Moms

    Most of the time new moms have a mother or a mother-in-law around to help guide them through a first time pregnancy and birth. There are consultants and experts who can give tips for new moms about taking care of a baby. Taking care of a baby is definitely not rocket science. However, there are many things you should take care of when handling...
  • How to Read a Baby Growth Chart

    How to Read a Baby Growth Chart

    What are baby growth charts? When and how is my baby measured ? How to read a baby growth chart? How to interpret the results? What are the percentiles? Babies are usually measured at birth and they grow at their own pace. As you make regular visits to the child doctor, he or she will take measurements and plot a baby growth chart to...
  • Baby Feeding Schedule - Tips for New Borns to Six Month Olds

    Baby Feeding Schedule - Tips for New Borns to Six Month Olds

    The most common question the new parents ask is – How often should they feed their baby? The perfect answer is surprisingly simple: in general, parents should feed babies whenever they seem hungry.  How to know that my baby is hungry? If your baby is premature or has some health issues, you must talk to the pediatrician to get advice on a baby feeding schedule, but...
  • Babies sleeping patterns - From 0-2 years!

    Babies sleeping patterns - From 0-2 years!

    Every baby has different sleeping patterns. Some babies wake up frequently during sleep or, we can say, they take short naps while others sleep longer. Babies sleeping patterns are widely categorized into two categories- one is active and the other is quiet. For the initial few months of a baby’s life, the sleeping patterns are split evenly between active and quiet sleep. As the...
  • Baby development Month by month - 1 year milestones

    Baby development Month by month - 1 year milestones

    During early childhood, a baby develops very fast. Though every child develops at a different pace and slight variations are normal, experts set certain milestones. As a conscious parent, you must watch your baby’s milestones to keep track of her development.   Milestone for a 1-month-old baby Weight gain: 0.7 – 0.9 KG  Height gain: 2.5 – 4 cm  Sleeps 16-19 hours in 5-6 naps....
  • 6-month baby food chart with Indian baby food recipes!

    6-month baby food chart with Indian baby food recipes!

    Congrats! If you are looking at this article your child must have hit the half-year milestone. Your baby must be indicating the signs that she is ready for a solid diet. During the previous six months, she has gained all the required nutrients through breastfeeding and now it is time to initiate a solid food diet. It is great fun to watch the baby...

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