Carbon Footprint Calculator

Your choice today can help heal the environment. Cloth diapers have a significantly lesser adverse impact on nature than a disposable solution. Calculate how your purchase has impacted the environment this year

Cloth Diaper
of TREES savings / year
0 kg
of wood / year
0 kg petroleum / year
0 kg chlorine / year
0 kg
of waste diverted from landfill
0 liltres
of water saving

Not just nature, disposable diapers can slowly burn a remarkable hole in your pocket in the long run. On a single day, if your child gets through 8 diapers, then that’s 2,920 diapers each year and 7,300 total diapers over 2.5 years.
Did you know that each diaper you change
Just saved you =
21,900 nappies / year
only 16 diapers for 3 years - 74% saving

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