How to potty train your toddler?

How to potty train your toddler?

 You’ve noticed that there has been a pleasant change in your child’s potty time table. Your little one doesn’t soil the diaper while sleeping and even during wake time you don’t change as many diapers as you used to. This may be the time when your child is ready to be potty trained. 

What is the right time for potty training?

You may be determined to potty train your child, but is your child ready for potty training? Children grow at varying rates either emotionally, physiologically, and cognitively and there is no right age to initiate potty training. Some children indicate readiness at 18 months, while others may not be ready until three or older. Honestly, it doesn't matter when your child is ready, and it is not a matter of worry if your child begins later than another child.

Getting potty trained is a new skill for your child. The best way is to take it easy, slowly, and go at your child's pace. For you, feeling frustrated is normal, but being patient is the correct key to perfectly potty train the child.

Get the shopping list ready.

Before you start potty training your child, you must prepare a list of things you may need during the process. The list must contain a potty, attractive toilet toys, a beautiful picture book, disposable potty training pants, and washable cotton potty training pants.

How to know that the toddler is ready to be potty trained?

If your child is not inclined to get the potty training, then none of the tactics will work. Wait for these surefire indications that your toddler is ready to begin the toilet training.

⚫ You are changing fewer diapers

Usually, toddlers pee frequently until they turn 20 months old. Once you discover that they are staying dry for one or two hours, it is an indication that they are developing bladder control and are ready for potty training.

⚫ More regular bowel movements.

Your tot is more vocal about going to the bathroom. When your little one starts to broadcast or show facial expressions for peeing and pooping, it is time for potty training.

⚫ When your child notices and dislikes dirty diapers

Your tot may suddenly decide not to hang out in a dirty diaper and shows irritation with the dirty and wet diaper and wants you to change it.

How to prepare your child for potty training?

Maybe your tot exhibits all the signs of being ready to be potty trained. Don't dispose of your stock of diapers just yet – you may still need them. The following tips can help you reach an active toilet training phase.

⚫ Speaking positively about going to potty 

Before you begin the diaper–free trial, you must highlight the benefits of using the toilet. “Using the toilet is clean and hygienic” and “wearing pants is fun”, could be some of the nice things you could say. Avoid saying negative things like your little tot is a baby for using diapers. Point out how mommy and daddy are comfortable using the toilet.  

⚫ Choosing the suitable potty training seat or chair

To maintain a level of excitement, take your child with you when you go shopping for a potty seat. It makes them feel included and excited about the potty training process. Choose the most durable and stable model.

⚫ Create a potty training song 

Adding musical encouragement can help your child overcome the nervousness about using the potty. You can find plenty of videos online to get an enjoyable song idea.

⚫ Switch to potty training pants 

During the initial period for potty training, try to play safe with disposable potty training pants. The child can pull them down like underpants. They absorb like diapers and can be also torn off. Once your tot enjoys a few successes on the potty, try switching to washable diapers.  

⚫ Being comfortable in the birthday suit 

Let your child go nude at home. It will encourage the tot to use the potty. This is a practical approach when your child finds it difficult to pull down the potty training pants to use the potty.

⚫ Train by example 

We all know little ones love to mimic. Going to the toilet is no different. Take your child with you when you need to use the bathroom to demonstrate. Show the little one how easy it is to use the toilet for poop and pee. You can explain to your child how to wipe and flush.

⚫ Potty training time 

It is a good idea to take your child to the potty after a meal because digesting food often leads to pushing for a poo. You might take your little one to the toilet before bedtime and as soon as the tot wakes up in the morning. It helps the child build a routine of going to the potty regularly and prevents night time accidents.

⚫ Be patient 

Initially, your child may seem enthusiastic, but the toddler may take several weeks to master the training. Your unrealistic expectations could diminish the self-confidence of your child. Don't scold or punish the child; putting extra pressure will not make your child learn faster. Instead, you can use rewards to encourage your tot. If the child continues to resist, then hold on to the training for a few weeks.

⚫ Magic tricks 

Put attractive pictures and toys in the toilet. Place some gorgeous picture books and hand them to the tot while using the bathroom. You can add some color to the toilet bowl or some soap. When your child pees, he will love to enjoy the color change or the bubbles.

What are Potty training pants and how to use them?

Potty training pants or padded underwear for babies are the pull up kind of underwear or pants to help absorb any leakage or accidental urination while the baby is learning to go to the toilet. Although the padding absorbs all wetness and avoids leakages it is not dry-feel. This is specifically because the baby should understand and feel the wet and soiled underwear and learn to control bowel and bladder movements. Babies will feel uncomfortable and will ask you to change the potty training pants. Here you can gently remind them to go to the toilet next time. The pants themselves will help keep the house clean, but the wetness the baby feels will remind him to to avoid peeing in the pants. 

Snugkins Potty training pants are the perfect choice while potty training your  toddler. You can use Snugkins regular padded underwear once you feel your child is getting the hang of going to the bathroom or toilet when nature calls. While potty training is in progress Snugkins reusable diapers will be very handy.


Hopefully, these tips can help you and your little one during the potty training. With the help of one or more techniques, your child will eventually learn the process mentioned above.  


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