Everything you need to know about potty training pants

Everything you need to know about potty training pants


Your search for potty training pants means your child is taking or about to take a giant leap from diapers to potty. The child’s very first independent visit to the toilet is a monumental milestone for the parents. But it is not a single-day task; potty training is a time-consuming and effortful process. Alongside you may pull back and forth between the diaper and the training pants. This article will help you with all the information you need to know about potty training pants. Hopefully, it will help you make this transition a little fun for you and your child.

What are potty training pants?

Potty training pants are the training tool that bridges the gap between the diaper and underwear. These garments ease the potty training process and help a smooth transition from diaper to underwear. Potty training pants are made up of cloth-like textures to emulate the feel of regular underwear. But they are prepared out of very absorbent material to help catch the leaks. Its do-it-yourself functionality encourages the child for independent dressing.

Why integrate potty training pants into your child’s training program?

Independent dressing: Elastic waist of the pull–up training pants gives your child an opportunity to be self-dependent in the toilet. The easy pull-up style training pants help them develop the skills of dressing and make your child feel confident about being self-dependent. 

Enhanced protection: Training pants seem like underpants, but they are soft and comfortable pants that are protective and durable. Thus you can allow your child to wear it during the day and even at bedtime. You need not worry about cleaning the mess in the morning. Keep in mind that children don’t have much control over the bladder, so they may occasionally dribble. Training pants are designed to manage such situations. 

Gradual transition: The transition from diapers to underpants is not a one-day matter. The change will be overwhelming if it is forced to manage at once. The transition from diaper to underpants takes place gradually, and potty training pants bridges the gap between them. The training pants make the child feel comfortable as he is still habitual with the diapers. It also allows the child to stay protected as compare to underpants. 

Kind of potty training pants.

You may discover numerous companies to a market variety of potty training pants, but they narrow down to two categories washable and disposable. Following are the details-

Cloth potty training pants

Cloth training pant seems to be big-kid underwear due to multiple layers in the crotch area. The fabric absorbs the little dribbles that come out while your little one tries to reach the potty. It helps you get rid of the hazel of changing the pants every two minutes. Cloth pants might attract parents as they are very cost-effective as compared to their disposable counterparts. Alongside they are eco-friendly. The little one will feel the wetness when he has had an accident. As per Sonia Garg, A potty training consultant, “I recommend cloth potty training pants because they are made of soft and natural fibers, it makes the child feel the discomfort wetness and understand the difference.”

Disposable potty training pants

Disposable training pants seem and work like diapers. These pants draw the moisture away from the skin, so the little one, typically will not feel the wet sensation after an accident. The child will feel comfortable in disposable potty training pants as they are similar to diapers. The drawback with disposable training pants is they are more expensive and less environment-friendly. It is best to wear these pants at night. Most of the tots are not able to say dry all night during the training process. 

Training pants for girls v/s boys 

Though you can use standard training pants for your girl child or boy child, separate training pants exist in the market. They are specifically designed with colors and print choices. But this is not the only difference between them. The distinct make is also a difference which depicts a thicker layer of fabric at various points in the pants where there are most chances of being wet.

How to introduce the training pants?

Each child turns ready for training pants at varying times. Usually, tots lose diapers between the age of 2 and 3. Initially, we recommend starting with Snugkins waterproof potty training pants during the first few weeks of potty training. Waterproof pants are convenient for accidents and manage leaks. It helps the child to deal with the awkward moment. When you switch from diapers to training pants, the training pants should be very soft and comfortable just like Snugkins potty training pants. If your child discovers the pants are uncomfortable or irritating, then he may reject them. Snugkins potty training pants are not only soft and comfortable they also come in attractive designs and prints to encourage the child to wear them. Once the child feels comfortable with the waterproof potty training pants, you can switch to fabric and cloth-style training pants.


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