Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) Baby Names For Boys

Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) Baby Names For Boys

Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) Baby Names For Boys

Choosing a name for your baby is a cherished tradition, Dhanu (Sagittarius), is linked to qualities like zeal, optimism, and a passion for discovery. Think about naming a boy under Dhanu Rashi after names that represent these characteristics. Whether the name you select has modern inspiration or is based on traditional Sanskrit meanings, it will influence your child's identity. With the goal of fusing cultural richness with modern subtleties, this list of baby names for boys born under the sign of Dhanu Rashi offers a thoughtful beginning point for the joyous process of naming and welcoming your little one.

Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) Baby Names For Boys With Meanings



Bhaakosh Treasure of light, another name for the sun
Bhaam Light, brilliance
Bhaanish Visionary, having the faculty of seeing
Bhaanuj Born of the sun
Bhaarav Bowstring
Bhaarava Pleasant, adaptable, tulsi plant
Bhaargav Lord Shiva, attaining radiance, good archer
Bhaasin The sun, brilliant
Bhaaskar Brilliant, illuminated, creater, the sun
Bhaasu The sun
Bhaasur Splendid, shining god
Bhaasvan Lustrous, brilliant, another name for the sun
Bhaasvar Resplendent, luminous, shining
Bhaavan Creator, charming, brilliant
Bhadrak Handsome, brave, worthy
Bhadrakapil Lord Shiva, auspicious, benevolent
Bhadraksh One with beautiful eyes
Bhadran Auspicious, fortunate man
Bhadrang Beautiful body
Bhadranidhi Treasure of goodness
Bhadrashree Sandalwood tree
Bhadresh Lord Shiva, prosperity and happiness
Bhadrik Noble, Lord Shiva
Bhadrinath Lord of Mount Badri
Bhagaditya Sun bestowing wealth
Bhagan Happy
Bhagat Devotee, disciple
Bhagath Devotee, disciple
Bhagavan The Lord
Bhagwant Fortunate
Bhagyanandana Controller of destiny
Bhagyaraj Lord of luck
Bhagyesh Lord of luck
Bhairab Formidable, vanquishes fear
Bhairav Formidable, vanquishes fear
Bhajan Prayer, devotional song
Bhakt Devotee, disciple, loyal
Bhakthavatsala Protector of devotees
Bhal Chandra Young moon, moon crested lord
Bhalanetra One with an eye in the forehead
Bhalchandra Moon crested lord
Bhalendra Lord of light
Bhandhavya Friendship, relationship
Bhanu The sun, virtuous, ruler
Bhanudas Devotee of the sun
Bhanumitra Friend of the sun, planet Mercury
Bhanuprakash Sunlight
Bhanuprasad Gift of the sun
Bhanusree Rays of Laxmidevi
Bharadwaj Lucky bird, sage
Bharan Jewel
Bharani Accomplished, high achiever, celestial star
Bharanidhar Who rules the world
Bharat Descended from Bharat, universal monarch
Bharath Descended from Bharat, universal monarch
Bharathwaj Gotra of Hindus
Bharddwaj Lucky bird, sage
Bharg Bright, satisfied
Bhargav Lord Shiva, good archer
Bhargava Lord Shiva, good archer
Bhargavan Deity in Ahobilam, AP
Bhargyaraj Lord of luck
Bharnayu Son of comfort
Bhartesh King of Bharat
Bhartihari Poet
Bharu Gold, leader, responsible, ocean
Bharuk Responsible
Bhaskar Brilliant, the sun
Bhaskara The sun
Bhaskaran The sun
Bhasker Lord Surya (the sun)
Bhasvan Lustrous, another name for the sun
Bhaswar Shining
Bhaswath Never ending, eternal
Bhaumik Lord of the earth, landowner
Bhautik Everything you see, feel, smell
Bhav Lord Shiva, sentiment, real
Bhav Bhooti The universe
Bhavad Life-giving, real
Bhavadeep Always living with happy
Bhavalan Poet
Bhavamanyu Creator of the universe
Bhavan Creator, charming, brilliant
Bhavani Sankar Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva
Bhavarogasya Bheshaja Reliever of all earthly ailments
Bhavarth Meaning
Bhavartha Meaning
Bhavesh Lord of sentiment, existence, the universe
Bhavik Devotee of God, devout, worthy, happy
Bhavin Living, existing, winner, man
Bhavish Future
Bhavishya Future
Bhavisya Future
Bhavmanyu -
Bhavnish King
Bhavyam Forever
Bhavyanasha -
Bhavyansh Bigger part
Bhavyesh Lord Shiva, auspicious, handsome, prosperous
Bhawanesh Owner of the house
Bhawanidas Devotee of goddess Durga
Bheem Fearful
Bheema Huge and gigantic, the mighty one
Bheemabala One of the Kauravas
Bheemavega One of the Kauravas
Bheemavikra One of the Kauravas
Bheemesh Variant name of Bheema
Bheresh -
Bheru Friend
Bhesaj Lord Vishnu, the healer
Bhevin Winner
Bhibatsu Another name of Arjun, one who always fights wars in a fair manner
Bhim Fearful
Bhima Huge and gigantic, the mighty one (son of Pandu and Kunti)
Bhimsen Sons of a brave man
Bhimshankar Lord Shiva, place near the origin of River Bhima
Bhimsing Stronger
Bhirav One of the forms of Shiva
Bhisham Strong
Bhishma One who has taken a terrible vow (son of Santanu by Ganga in Mahabharat)
Bhisma One who has taken a terrible vow (son of Shantanu and Ganga in Mahabharat)
Bhoj Name of a poet king, generous, open-minded
Bhojaraja Lord of generosity
Bholanath Lord Shiva, simple-minded
Bholenath Kind-hearted Lord
Bhoodhar Earth bearer
Bhoolokanathan Ruler of the earth
Bhoomik Landlord, Earth
Bhoomish King of the earth
Bhoopal King
Bhoopat Lord of the earth
Bhoopati Lord of the earth, king, lord of the gods
Bhoopendra King of the earth
Bhooshan Ornament, Decoration
Bhooshit Decorated
Bhooteshwara Lord of ghosts and evil beings
Bhoothanathan Ruler of the earth
Bhoumik Lord of the earth, landowner, attached to the earth
Bhramar Black bee, a bumble bee, Goddess Parvati
Bhramara Black bee, a bumble bee, Goddess Parvati
Bhrigu Name of a saint
Bhrij Lord Krishna
Bhruvam -
Bhubandeep The world's light source
Bhudev Lord of the earth
Bhudeva Lord of the earth
Bhudhav Lord Vishnu
Bhuman Earth, All-encompassing
Bhumat Possessing the earth, ruler
Bhumik Landlord, Earth
Bhumin Earth
Bhumit Friend of land
Bhupad Firm
Bhupal King
Bhupan King
Bhupat Lord of the earth
Bhupathi Lord of the earth, hero of stunts
Bhupati Lord of the earth, king, lord of the gods
Bhupen King
Bhupendra King of the earth
Bhupesh King of the earth
Bhushan Ornament, Decoration
Bhushana God Shankar, Lord Shiva
Bhutapala Protector of the ghosts
Bhuv Sky, Heaven, Earth, World, Another name for Agni
Bhuvan Palace, One of the three worlds, Home, Human
Bhuvanesh Lord of the world, Lord Vishnu
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world, God of Earth
Bhuvanpati God of the gods
Bhuvas Air, Atmosphere, Heaven
Bhuvesh King of the Earth
Bhuvik Heaven
Bhuvnesh King of Earth
Bhuvneshwar Lord of the world, God of Earth
Bhuwan Palace, One of the three worlds, Home, Human
Bhuwanesh Lord of the world, Lord Vishnu
Bhuwaneshwar Abode of God
Bhuwnendra King of Earth
Dhaaran Keeping, Protecting
Dhaavak Swift, Runner
Dhaavit Cleaned, Purified
Dhadhichi Well-known sage
Dhaerye Patience, Courage
Dhairya Patience, Courage
Dhairyashil Statue of courage and patience
Dhairyya Patience
Dhakshesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Daksha
Dham Strength, Light, Power, Place of pilgrimage
Dhaman Ray, Light, Majesty, Glory, Splendor, Strength, Power, Home
Dhamendra Dharm Dev
Dhan Money, Wealth
Dhana Money, Wealth
Dhanadeepa Lord of Wealth
Dhanajay -
Dhanajayan Lord Murugan, conquering booty, victorious in battle
Dhanaji Rich
Dhanajit Wealth
Dhananad Pleasure of having wealth
Dhananjay One
Dheemant Wise, intelligent, prudent, learned
Dheemat Wise, learned, prudent
Dheer Gentle, wise, calm, clever, resolute, firm, patient
Dheeraj Patience, consolation, born of tolerance, clever, calm, firm
Dheeran Achiever, devoted
Dheerandra God of courage, lord of the brave
Dheerendra God of courage, lord of the brave
Dheerkhabaahu One of the Kauravas
Dheerodhata Gunothara Kind-hearted valiant
Dheeshithan Lord Murugan name
Dheetik Considerate, clever
Dheivamani Blessed gem
Dherya Patience
Dhevan Godly
Dhevaneyan Pious
Dhey Karna
Dhikshit Initiated
Dhilan Son of the waves
Dhilen Name of Thilai
Dhimant Wise, intelligent, prudent, learned
Dhinak The sun
Dhinakar The sun
Dhinakaran The sun
Dhinanta Evening
Dhipin Exciting
Dhir Gentle, wise, calm, clever, resolute, firm, patient
Dhiran Achiever, devoted
Dhiren One who is strong
Dhirendra God of courage, lord of the brave
Dhishan The intelligent one, name of Brihaspati, planet Jupiter, spiritual preceptor, wise, the god of speech
Dhivakar The sun
Dhoomravarna Smoke, hued lord
Dhore King
Dhrid Persevering, firm, resolute, solid, strong
Dhridhakarmaavu One of the Kauravas
Dhridharathaasraya One of the Kauravas
Dhrish Sight
Dhrishat Bold, courageous
Dhrishay Bold, courageous, visionary
Dhrishnu Bold, courageous
Dhristadhyumna Son of King Drupada; brother of Draupadi
Dhrit Borne, pledged
Dhritarastra From Gandhara, blindfolded herself after marriage
Dhritil Man with patience
Dhritiman Patient
Dhroneshwar Dronacharya & Lord Shiva
Dhruba Polar star, firm, unshakable
Dhruddavrat Strong-willed meditator
Dhruddavrata Determined meditator
Dhrumil Nil
Dhrupad King, firm-footed
Dhrupal Prosperity with greenery, an area with full of greenery
Dhrushil Charming
Dhrushya Good eyes
Dhrut Motion
Dhruv Pole star, immovable, eternal, firm, steady
Dhruvak Stable, firm, eternal, a tone in music
Dhruval A star
Dhruvam Enduring sound, heaven, certainly, eternally
Dhruvansh Part of polar star
Dhruvav Immovable
Dhruven Derived from Dhruv, meaning constant or polestar
Dhruvesh Atut lakshya
Dhruvin Great person
Dhruvish Derived from Dhruv, pole
Dhruvit To observe; happy
Dhruvpad Oldest style of North Indian classical
Dhula Name of a god
Dhumini Name of Lord Shiva
Dhuruvan Star
Dhurv Star with glow every time
Dhutit Arjav Bright, straightforward person
Dhuvin Comb
Dhvanil Sound of wind
Dhvansh Demolish
Dhvanya Sound
Dhven Godly
Dhwanil Sound of wind
Dhwanit Voice
Dhwnit God is my judge
Dhyaan Reflection, meditation
Dhyan Reflection, meditation
Dhyanadeep Icon of meditation and concentration
Dhyanesh Meditative
Dhyaneshwar Lord of meditation
Dhyey Aim
Dhyutidhara Lord of brilliance
Falgu Lovely
Falgun Arjun, born in the snowy season on a day belonging to both Uttara- and Purva-Phalguni
Faneesh Lord Shiva, the cosmic serpent Shesh
Fanibhusan Lord Shiva, the one who wears a serpent as an ornament
Fanibhushan Lord Shiva, the one who wears a serpent as an ornament
Fanindra The cosmic serpent Shesh
Fanish Lord Shiva, the cosmic serpent Shesh
Fanishwar Lord of serpents, Vasuki
Fenil Foamy
Frany Joyful
Fravash Guardian angel

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