Top 50 Dhanu Rashi Baby Names

 Top 50 Dhanu Rashi Baby Names

Dhanu Rashi, also known as Sagittarius, is the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac. If you're expecting a baby and your little one is destined to be born under the influence of Dhanu Rashi, finding the perfect name that aligns with their zodiac sign can be a great way to celebrate their arrival. We have curated a list of 50 unique and meaningful Dhanu Rashi baby names for boys and girls to help you in this exciting journey of naming your child.

Dhanu Rashi Baby Names for Boys:

When it comes to naming a Dhanu Rashi baby boy, there are several factors to consider. You want a name that not only sounds pleasing but also reflects the positive qualities associated with Sagittarius. Here are some popular Dhanu Rashi baby boy names to inspire you:

  1. Bhaakosh: Treasure of light, another name for the sun
  2. Bhaam:  Light, brilliance
  3. Bhaanish:  Visionary, having the faculty of seeing
  4. Bhaanuj:  Born of the sun
  5. Bhaarav:  Bowstring
  6. Bhaarava:  Pleasant, adaptable, tulsi plant
  7. Bhaargav:  Lord Shiva, attaining radiance, good archer
  8. Bhaasin:   The sun, brilliant
  9. Bhaaskar: Brilliant, illuminated, creater, the sun
  10. Bhaasu: The sun
  11. Bhaasur:  Splendid, shining god
  12. Bhaasvan:  Lustrous, brilliant, another name for the sun
  13. Bhaasvar:  Resplendent, luminous, shining
  14. Bhaavan:  Creator, charming, brilliant
  15. Bhadrak:  Handsome, brave, worthy
  16. Dhaavak:  Swift, Runner
  17. Dhaavit:  Cleaned, Purified
  18. Dhadhichi:  Well-known sage
  19. Dhaerye:  Patience, Courage
  20. Dhairya:  Patience, Courage
  21. Dhairyashil:  Statue of courage and patience
  22. Dhairyya: Patience
  23. Dhakshesh:  Lord Shiva, Lord of Daksha
  24. Dham:  Strength, Light, Power, Place of pilgrimage
  25. Dhaman:  Ray, Light, Majesty, Glory, Splendor, Strength, Power, Home
  26. Dhamendra : Dharm Dev
  27. Dhan:  Money, Wealth
  28. Dhana:  Money, Wealth
  29. Dhanadeepa:  Lord of Wealth
  30. Dhanajayan:  Lord Murugan, conquering booty, victorious in battle
  31. Dhanaji: Rich
  32. Dhanajit: Wealth
  33. Dhananad:  Pleasure of having wealth
  34. Dhananjay:  One
  35. Dheemant:  Wise, intelligent, prudent, learned
  36. Dheemat:  Wise, learned, prudent
  37. Dheer:  Gentle, wise, calm, clever, resolute, firm, patient
  38. Dheeraj:  Patience, consolation, born of tolerance, clever, calm, firm
  39. Dheeran:  Achiever, devoted
  40. Dheerandra:  God of courage, lord of the brave
  41. Dheerendra: God of courage, lord of the brave
  42. Dheerkhabaahu:  One of the Kauravas
  43. Dheerodhata:  Gunothara Kind-hearted valiant
  44. Dheeshithan:  Lord Murugan name
  45. Dheetik:  Considerate, clever
  46. Dheivamani:  Blessed gem
  47. Dherya:  Patience
  48. Dhevan:  Godly
  49. Falgu:  Lovely
  50. Falgun:   born in the snowy season on a day belonging to both Uttara- and Purva-Phalguni
  51. Faneesh:   the cosmic serpent Shesh
  52. Fanibhusan:   the one who wears a serpent as an ornament
  53. Fanindra: The cosmic serpent Shesh


Dhanu Rashi Baby Names for Girls:

Naming a Dhanu Rashi baby girl involves considering similar factors as with a boy but with a touch of femininity and grace. Here are some popular Dhanu Rashi baby girl names for you to explore:

  1. Bhaama:  Charming, famous, passionate woman
  2. Bhaamini:  Brilliant, beautiful, passionate woman
  3. Bhaanavi:  Descendent of the sun, brilliant, sacred
  4. Bhaanuja:  River Yamuna, born of the sun
  5. Bhaarati: Indian, well-groomed, descended from Bharat, eloquent
  6. Bhaargavi: Goddess Durga, Laxmi, Goddess Parvati, beautiful
  7. Bhaavana:  Good feelings, emotions
  8. Bhaaviki: Natural, emotional
  9. Bhaavini: Emotional, beautiful woman eminent, caring, noble
  10. Bhaavitha: Name of Goddess Durga
  11. Bhaavya: Grand, splendid, virtuous, composed
  12. Bhadraa:  Good, auspicious, galaxy, fair complexioned
  13. Bhadrakaali: Fierce form of Kali, Goddess Durga
  14. Bhadrapriya:  Goddess Durga, 
  15. Bhadrika:  Noble, beautiful, worthy, propitious
  16. Bhadrusha:  The Ganges
  17. Bhagavath:  creative, Goddess Durga
  18. Dhan:  Laxmi God of currency
  19. Dhana:  Lakshmi Goddess of wealth
  20. Dhana:  Priya Loved by wealth
  21. Dhanadhanyaki:  Bestower of wealth and food grains
  22. Dhanalakshmi:  Goddess of wealth
  23. Dhanapriya:  Loved by wealth
  24. Dhanashree:  Goddess of wealth
  25. Dhanasvi:  Fortune
  26. Dhanavanthi: Very quiet, holding wealth
  27. Dhanavathi:  Holding wealth
  28. Dhaneshi: Having knowledge of the subject
  29. Dhanisha:  Full of hope; creating money
  30. Dhanishta:  A star
  31. Dhaniya:  Goddess name
  32. Dhanshika:  Queen of wealth
  33. Dhansika: Rich
  34. Dhanuja:  Arujuna will
  35. Dhanusha:  Bow, genuine
  36. Dhanushka:  Dhan, wealth
  37. Dhanushri:  The bow or name of a Hindu rashi Sagittarius
  38. Dhanushya:  Selvem
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Unique and Unisex Dhanu Rashi Baby Names:

If you're looking for a name that is gender-neutral or unique, consider these unisex Dhanu Rashi baby names that can suit both boys and girls:

  1. Akshay:  Indestructible, Eternal
  2. Devi:   Goddess, Divine
  3. Jai:      Victorious
  4. Krishna:  Dark, Enchanting
  5. Niranjan:  Pure, Spotless
  6. Bhavya:   Grand; Splendid; Virtuous;
  7. Dhani:   Wealthy Lord of wealth
  8. Bhavyaraj:  Grand Splendid Goddess Parvati
  9. Fakhri:  Glory
  10. Fable: Name means a story.
  11. Bhaanu: The Sun, Brilliant, Virtuous, Beautiful, Ruler, Eminence
  12. Bhadra: Good, Auspicious, Galaxy, Fair complexioned
  13. Dhriti: Courage, Morale, Steadiness
  14. Dhanshree:  Goddess Lakshmi, Wealth & Lakshmi conjoined.
  15. Bhavyaraj: Grand, Splendid, Goddess Parvati

Meanings and Symbolism of Dhanu Rashi Baby Names:

Every name carries its own significance and symbolism. Here are some meanings associated with Dhanu Rashi baby names:

1. Aarav:  symbolizes peace and tranquility, qualities often associated with Sagittarius individuals.

2. Ishita: represents a desired and supreme personality, reflecting the ambitious nature of Sagittarians.

3.Kavya: signifies poetry and creativity, aligning with the artistic inclinations of Dhanu Rashi individuals.

4. Neil: embodies a champion or someone who achieves greatness, resonating with the determination and competitive spirit of Sagittarius.

5. Bhagaditya: The lovely baby boy name Bhagaditya, which means The Sun which grants wealth, prosperity, and riches,

Naming your baby is an exciting and important milestone in your journey as a parent. When your child belongs to Dhanu Rashi, finding a name that resonates with their zodiac sign adds a special touch. We hope this list of 50 unique and meaningful Dhanu Rashi baby names for boys and girls has inspired you and provided you with a range of options to choose from. Celebrate your child's birth with a name that reflects their individuality and the positive qualities associated with Sagittarius.

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