How to deal with the cloth nappy leaks?

How to deal with the cloth nappy leaks? 

Keep a regular check on the insert, whether they are saturated or slightly damp. 

Saturated inserts 

If you discover the nappy insert flooded, there must be some absorption issues. In such case following are the two possible solutions –

  1. Raise the frequency of changing the nappy

If you change the nappy every 3-4 hours, then you will certainly eliminate this issue. Unlike disposable nappies, cloth nappies physically absorb the liquid. In disposable diapers, the chemical gelling agent is used for quick and extra absorption. Thus, cloth diapers do not possess the immense absorption capacity as compared to disposable diapers; hence need to be changed more often.

  1. Add an additional insert to increase the absorption.

To avoid leaks and keep the baby dry for an extended period of time, add an additional insert for more absorption. If you are using a single insert, add another one. If you are already using two inserts, then switch to a booster kit. Our booster pads are specifically manufactured for heavy wetter babies, and they are extra comfortable as well. Shop boosters here.

Slightly Damp inserts 

Slightly or partially damp inserts may mean that the issue is about the fitting. Here is how you can solve such an issue:

  1. Rearrange the fit

The fit issue is the primary reason for leaking nappies. Fitting the diaper properly can help you manage the leak issue. If you are a newbie, it could be a lack of practice responsible for unfit diapers. With time you will learn to manage it at once, till then you must rearrange the diaper whenever you discover a slightly damp but leaky nappy.

  1. Common nappy fitting errors

Given below are the most common and recurring fitting issues that may result in leaky nappies. Analyzing the following questions and answering them can help you discover the probable error made by you and are responsible for a leak.

  • Are the inserts placed perfectly without any folds?
  • Is the nappy a proper fit for the baby and comfortably making contact with the baby's skin without leaving any gap or sagging?
  • Is the leg elastics of the nappy entirely fitting and covering the underpants line without leaving any gap or space?

After raising the frequency of diaper changes and using extra inserts, and putting your efforts into the fit issue, please feel free to contact us if you still find leaky nappies. We admire your parenting concern and will help you resolve your fit issue or can provide you personalized suggestions for your queries.

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