How to fit cloth nappies

The Snugkins Diaper comes with an absorbent outer, dry lock lining pad and a super soaker pad! 

We recommend washing it before use 

The right fit!                

Ensure that there is absolutely no space between the thigh and the elastic of the diaper when wearing. Modify the length with the help of the buttons!  

How to place the pads

Place the dry lock pad on the absorbent outer. You can modify the length of the pad as per your need by tucking in its front! Voila! Your diaper is ready! 

For extra soaking, add a super soaker to the diaper. 

Time to slip into the diaper 

Open the diaper and position your little one’s tushie on it! Buckle the waist buttons on both sides. 

*Here’s a 3 step fit-check guide. Do read!*

Step one

Check the gap around the waist! 1 finger gap is the ideal. 

Step two 

Ensure there is no space around the joints. This will guarantee a snug fit! 

Step three

To avoid discomfort, fold in the elastic so that it is on the joints! 

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