Getting Started with cloth diapering

Getting Started with cloth diapering

What is the right time to begin with the cloth diapering? The answer is – whenever you decide to do so. Once you choose, you discover a formidable task ahead of you - 'to choose the right nappies and other relevant accessories.' We come up with the guidelines on how to stow cloth nappies so that you can start using them on your tot.


Step 1: – Deciding on the number of nappies that will be needed


The number of nappies will depend upon the use and the frequency of washing them. You will have to wash them at the same rate as the baby’s frequency of dirtying them. On average, if you use three disposable diapers in a day, you will probably require 6-10 cloth nappies for the next 3-4 years as long as you wash them every day.


We advise you to store approximately 18-24 diapers if you are willing to use cloth diapers regularly.

For an average wetting baby, each free size Snugkins diaper can continually be used for around 3-4 hours during the day while it gives a dry feel for approximately 10-12 hours during the night. The Snugkins diaper possesses a super absorbent and very soft upper dry sheet that your baby will feel very comfortable and dry for hours. The best thing is you need not change the diaper every time after the baby wets the diaper.


For hygienic reasons, the baby's diaper must be changed after every 3-4 hours during the daytime, while during the night, as babies pee less, diapers can be continually used for the whole night. But after every poop, one must change the diaper immediately.


Note: Our nappies come in the combo of one outer shell and two inserts. It is suggested to wash the cloth diapers every second day. We have provided a couple of additional nappies, so you will never run into an emergency.


Step – 2: Add Spare Inserts –


Types of Inserts


  • Wet free prefold

Our wet-free prefold pads or inserts are made up of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. It consists of 9 layers with a dry upper layer at the top to give a totally dry feel while the nine layers of organic cotton enhance the absorbent capacity.

  • Snugkins Booster Pads

The pack of Snugkins booster pads consists of foldable rapid-drying booster pads. It has eight layers of organic cotton that boost up the absorbent capacity. The foldable design makes the pads perfectly convenient to use during the night and for monsoon and winter seasons.


Step-3: Add Eco-friendly cloth diaper accessories.

Associate your cloth diaper stock with our eco-friendly accessories to make a complete package of comfort. Our series of cloth diaper accessories are specifically designed to bring utmost ease and convenience to your life.


  • Wet bags

Wet bags are a necessity for those who are cloth diapering their baby. Our wet bags are prepared out of waterproof fabric; the same fabric used to make the nappy covers. It doesn't allow the smell to exit out of the bag, making the surroundings smell-free.


  • Bamboo cloth wipes

Your decision to opt for a cloth diaper depicts your consciousness towards the environment. To settle your concern about your baby's skin and the environment, we have come up with reusable bamboo wipes with extraordinary absorbent capacity and super soft texture to wipe the baby's bum without leaving rashes.

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