Cloth Nappy Guide downloads

Cloth Nappy Guide downloads

To help anyone from the house or child caretaker to use cloth nappies with trust and conviction you can download our free printable guide about cloth nappies. Using and maintaining our products will turn into a cinch.

Cloth Nappy fit guide


Here is the simple and easy ‘cloth nappy fit guide’ to get a perfect fitting for a leak-free finish. Take the printout to paste this guide on the wall for all those who help you take care of the baby.


  • Set nappy under the baby’s bottom

Make sure the nappy is 1-2 cms above bottom cleft.


  •  Pull the front of the Nappy over to the tummy

Make sure it is snugly fit.


  •  Secure the waist flaps and snap them into place.

Make sure the waistband is not very tight.

Leave some space at the belly area for proper body movement.

Tuck and smoothen excess waist fabric.

Tuck excess front fabric. Get a nice finished look on the front.


  •  Check around the legs.

The nappy should be in touch with the skin from all sides yet should not be too tight.

Run your finger around the leg within the nappy.

If your finger is not easily moving, then the nappy is tight. 



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Daycare cloth nappy fit guide

Take a printout, laminate and put it in the kid’s backpack for the daycare people.


  • Prepare the nappies in advance by setting the right size leg snap and stuffing in the inserts.
  • Pack enough cloth nappies as per the daily requirement of your baby and put a couple of spare nappies.
  • Pack two or more wet bags in the backpack. One would be to put the clean nappies, while the other would be for soiled nappies.


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Cloth nappy washing guide

Please go through our cloth nappy washing guide to ideally wash cloth nappies in four simple steps. The best option is to get the printout, paste it on the wall at your laundry, and refer to it every time you wash the nappies.


  1. Dump the solid waste into the toilet's bowl.
  2. Collect the dirty diapers into a wet bag or dry pail until you are ready to wash.
  3. Run a Pre-wash cycle 40-60 degrees with detergent. Do this daily.

This will get rid of the soiling and the nappies will be ready for the main wash.

  1. Run a long main wash cycle 40-60 degrees with detergent. Do this every 2-3 days.
  2. Air dry or line dry the cloth diaper in the sun.


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