Meaning of Dharman

Meaning of Dharman

Meaning of Dharman:

"Dharman" is a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning "one who upholds righteousness" or "virtuous."It is derived from the word "Dharma," which in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism refers to the principle of cosmic order, duty, righteousness, and moral law. 





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Origin of Dharman Name:

The name "Dharman" comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and is often used in Hindu culture. It is derived from the word "Dharma," which signifies duty, righteousness, and moral law.

Popularity of Dharman Name:

The name "Dharman" is not very common globally but is more prevalent in India and among Hindu communities. Its popularity may vary regionally and culturally within these communities.

Personality Traits:

They are seen as upholders of moral and ethical standards. They are known for their honesty and strong principles. They tend to lead by example, inspiring others with their commitment to doing what is right. They often display kindness and empathy towards others.

They are perceived as wise and knowledgeable, often turning to spirituality and philosophical thinking.

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