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  • Meaning of Samridhi Name

    Meaning of Samridhi Name

    Meaning of Samridhi: The Sanskrit word samridhi denotes success, wealth, and prosperity. It stands for a condition of thriving that includes both spiritual and material well-being. Samridhi is frequently linked in Hindu philosophy to achieving one's objectives and satisfying one's wishes. It represents progress and general prosperity in a variety of spheres of life, such as happiness, health, and riches. Gender Girl Origin Indian...
  • Meaning of Ruhaan Name

    Meaning of Ruhaan: The name Ruhaan radiates spirituality and depth. Ruhaan, which comes from the Persian word ruh, which means soul or spirit, denotes a close relationship with one's innermost self. It embodies contemplativeness, sensitivity, and a deep comprehension of the human soul. People with the name Ruhaan frequently have keen intuition and a strong drive to find meaning and purpose in life. Gender  ...
  • Meaning of Sejal Name

    Meaning of Sejal Name

    Meaning of Sejal: The Sanskrit origin of the word Sejal has deep importance. It stands for clarity, honesty, and purity. The qualities of calmness and simplicity are what define Sejal. Sejal is essentially a serene and composed manner that reflects the natural grace and poise of the one wearing it. Gender Girl Origin Indian Name Numerology   11 Religion Hindu Horoscope (rashi) Kumbha Personality Number ...
  • Meaning of Aashiv Name

    Meaning of Aashiv Name

    Meaning of Aashvi: The Sanskrit word aashvi means blessed or full of blessings. It captures the spirit of wealth, good fortune, and heavenly grace. Aashvi is a beloved name among families hoping for blessings for their children since it represents positivity and growth potential in its purest form. Gender  Girl Origin Indian Name Numerology  6 Religion Hindu Horoscope (rashi) Mesh Personality Number 4 Origin...

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To tell you guys the truth, was not very sure. But now, my little one is so habitual to this cloth diaper. I think we have found just the right product. I would definitely recommend it to all moms 
Shweta Singh

Wednesday, April 26, 2021

The packs of shorts and t-shirts are super cute while the material is amazing too! Love it for everyday wear as well as for some light occasions!
Simran Singh

Wednesday, Feb 2, 2021

Absolutely in love with this product. This has made my life so easy! Plus my baby is a fan of the cute prints and the soft feel. Thank you Snugkins.
Neelam Shaikh

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2021

These soaker pads are wonderful. No complaints, no leaks, no fuss. It keeps your baby dry for so long!
Nilofer Khan

Wednesday,May 13, 2021

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