Top 100 Baby Names Inspired By Lord Krishna

Top 100 Baby Names Inspired By Lord Krishna

Welcome to the enchanting world of baby names inspired by Lord Krishna! Krishna, an embodiment of divine love, joy, and wisdom, is a beloved figure in Hindu mythology. Known for his playful nature, mesmerizing charm, and captivating stories, Krishna has captured the hearts of millions around the globe. If you're seeking a name that embodies spirituality, grace, and eternal beauty, this collection of baby names inspired by Lord Krishna is sure to delight you. Each name resonates with the essence of Krishna's divine qualities, allowing you to bestow upon your child a name that reflects the timeless wisdom and blissful energy of this cherished deity. So, immerse yourself in the realm of these enchanting names and discover the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

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Baby Names Inspired By Lord Krishna 



Anish great company
Aparajit One who cannot be defeate, .Great Warrior, Lord Krishna
Aprameya Infinite, Immeasurable
Arijit Dominate or Defeat Enemies
Asuman Lord of vital breaths
Aswadh Tree of knowledge, Lord Krishna
Avyukt emotionally open, Lord Krishna
Aariv King of Justice and Wisdom
Abhijeet someone who achieves
Adwait He (Krishna) is singular, undivided, and unmatched.
Abhyankar one who allaies anxieties
Abjayoni born from a lotus
Anaadih The first component (Lord Krishna)
Anantajit The winner of eternity
Balgopal Little Krishna
Bali Soldier
Balmukund Young Krishna
Banke Refers to Lord Krishna
Bankebihari a lover of outdoor recreation
Bankim Circle or Curved
Bansi Flute
Banwari inhabits Vrindavan, Lord Krishna
Brij the location of Lord Krishna, Strength
Brijesh Lord Krishna, Lord of Braj land
Chhailbehari Lord Krishna
Darsh Handsome, Sight
Daruk Charioteer of Lord Krishna
Dayanidhi Kind person, Treasure house of mercy
Devakinandan Son of Devaki
Devesh Lord of lords
Dham divine spirit
Gadin executing a club
Ganasharya obedient and brave boy
Ganashraya shelter for living things
Ghanashyam Darkest cloud's color is completely dark.
Girdhari Lifter of Govardhan Hill
Girivar Holds Govardhana Giri mountain
Gokul Place where Lord Krishna grew
Gopal Cowherd, Protector of cows
Gopan Protection
Gopi Protector of cows
Govind Cowherd
Govinda One who makes cowherds happy
Grahil Another name for Lord Krishna
Gwala Another name for Lord Krishna
Hari Belonging to God
Harish Does everything according to God's wish
Hrishikesh One who controls the senses
Ishna Lord Krishna
Jagmohan Attracts the world
Jagadbandhu Companion to the world
Janaradhana Liberator from cycle of birth and death
Janardhana Liberator
Janav Protecting men
Jaspaal Another name for Lord Krishna
Jayani Conqueror
Jugal Couple
Kahaan Great Lord Krishna
Kahn Priest
Kalia Beauty
Kanaiya Adolescent
Kanha Fashion
Kanu Lord Krishna, Supreme God
Karnish Lord of mercy
Kayval Only, Absolute, Alone
Keshav Long-haired
Kesava One with beautiful long hair
Keyur Flower, Jewellery of Lord Krishna
Kian Kings, Ancient
Kiesh Rainfall, Joy
Kishan Black, Dark-skinned
Kishore Young boy, Youth, Sun
Krishnamurari Conquers hearts by playing flute
Krishnamurthy Manifestation of Lord Krishna
Krishnendu Prince of Earth
Kunal Ancient saint
Kundan Pure, Beautiful, Sparkling, Diamond
Kunjabihari Enjoys the lakes
Madan God of Love
Madhav Sweet like honey
Makhesh Lord of sacrifice
Manhar Pleasing, Charming, Attracts the mind
Manmohan Winner of the heart, Pleasing
Mayur Peacock
Meghashyam Dark as clouds
Mohin Glamour
Mohnish Attractive God
Murari Killer of demon Mura
Nandakishore Intelligent Kid
Nathan Gift from God, Desire, Protector
Nattu Form of Natvar
Natwar Dancing Lord
Neeraj Lotus, Pearl, Flower, Born from clear water
Nilesh Moon
Nimay Half
Radesh God
Rasesh Lord of joy
Rashad Integrity of conduct, Thinker, Maturity
Rayaan Gate to paradise, Heaven
Nitish True warrior, Master of right path, Night light
Niranjan Spotless
Nityananda Always happy
Parthasarathi Charioteer of Partha
Pyarelal Loved one
Punyah Supremely pure

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