Kark Rashi (Cancer) Baby Names For Boys

Karka Rashi (Cancer) Baby Names For Boys

Kark Rashi (Cancer) Baby Names For Boys 

In the cosmic dance of stars and planets, each zodiac sign holds unique qualities and characteristics. Kark Rashi, or Cancer zodiac sign, brings forth a world of tenderness and emotion. In this enchanting journey of naming your little one, we explore a collection of Kark Rashi baby names for boys. These names are not just a combination of syllables; they encapsulate the celestial essence of the Cancer zodiac, reflecting traits of sensitivity, empathy, and a deep connection to family.

Kark Rashi (Cancer) Baby Names For Boys With Meanings

Name Meaning
Haard Hearts feeling, main, meaning
Haarit Plowman, green, ploughman
Haarith Plowman, green, ploughman, cultivator
Hadhi Ram Friend of Lord Venkateswara
Hahn A rooster, snow, made of gold,
Hajesh Lord Shiva
Hakesh Lord of sound
Haksh Eye
Halik Ploughman
Hameer Very rich king, a raga
Hamesh Forever
Hamir Very rich king, a raga
Hamrish Lovable, helpful
Haneesh Lord Shiva, ambition
Hani Happy, delighted, content, pleasant
Hanish Lord Shiva, ambition
Hans Swan, mountain, pure, another name of Surya, soul
Hansal God is gracious, swan like
Hansaraj King of a swan
Hanshal God is gracious, swan like
Hanshit Like honey
Hanshith Like honey
Hansik Swan
Hansin The universal soul,
Hansraj King of swans
Hanu Lord Hanuman, cheek
Hanumadakshita Depends and trusts Lord Hanuman to fulfill his task
Hanuman The monkey god of Ramayana (son of the wind god; devout of Rama and a leading warrior among monkey tribe)
Hanup Sunlight
Hanvesh Very soft mind
Happy Happy
Har Name of Lord Shiva
Hara Remover of sins
Harakodhandarama Armed with the curved Kodhanda bow
Haran Lord Shiva, the one who destroys (Harana)
Haranadh Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva's devotee
Hard Hearts feeling, main, meaning
Hardhik Affectionate, heartfelt, cordial
Hardik Affectionate, heartfelt, cordial
Hare Krishna Lord Krishna, everything that exists
Hareendra Lord Shiva, a tree
Hareesh Lord Shiva, Shiva and Vishnu conjoined
Harekrishna Lord Krishna, everything that exists
Harendra Lord Shiva, a tree
Haresh Lord Shiva, Shiva, Lord Har
Hareshwar Lord Shiva, Shiva and Vishnu conjoined
Hargun One having godly merits
Hari The sun, man, green, light, moon,
Hari Kant Dear to Lord Indra
Hari Kishan Lord of nature
Hari Krishna Another name for Lord Krishna
Hari Narayana primal person + god in action
Hari Prasad Blessed by Lord Krishna
Hariaksa Lord Shiva, the eyes of lion, name of Vishnu
Haricharan Feet of the Lord
Harida Servant of Lord Krishna
Haridra Golden colored
Haridwar Gateway to God
Harigopal Lord Krishna, Lord who is a cowherd
Harihara Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva together
Harihara Putra Son of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva)
Hariharan Born out of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva)
Harij The horizon
Harikanth Dear to Lord Indra
Harikesh yellow-haired, an epithet of Shiva,
Harikishan Lord of nature
Harilal Son of Hari
Harimarkatamarkata Lord of the monkeys
Harin Pure
Harina Lord Hari
Harinaksh deer-eyed, an epithet of Shiva, yellowish eyes
Harinarayan primal person + god in action
Harinath Lord Vishnu, similar to Hari, God
Harinatha Maha Vishnu
Harindra Lord Shiva, a tree
Harindranath Lord of Hari
Harinitha Carried by Lord Vishnu
Hariom Lord Vishnu, name of Brahman
Haripreet Beloved of the gods
Hariraj King of lions
Hariram Lord Rama
Harisai Lord Sai
Harish Lord Shiva, Shiva and Vishnu conjoined
Harishankar Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Shiva conjoined
Harisharan Protection of Hari
Harishchandra King of Surya dynasty, charitable
Harishva Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
Harit Plowman, green, ploughman, cultivator
Haritbaran Haritbaran means green
Hariteja Hariteja means Vishnu tejam
Harith Harith means plowman, green, ploughman
Harithik Harithik means from the heart
Harivansh Harivansh means belonging to the family of Hari
Harivilas Harivilas means the abode of Hari
Harjas Harjas means praise of the god
Harjeet Harjeet means victorious, victor
Harjeevan Harjeevan means one who lives a god-oriented life
Harjit Harjit means victorious, victor
Harkesh Harkesh means good
Harkishan Harkishan means name of god Vishnu
Harmendra Harmendra means the moon
Harmesh Harmesh means gods
Harmin Harmin means noble, harmony
Harnish Harnish means remove the night and spread the light
Harpit Harprit means lover of god
Harprit Harprit means lover of god
Harry Harry means army man
Harsal Harsal means delighted, a lover, joyful, glad
Harsh Harsh means joy, excitement, happiness
Harsh Veer Harsh Veer means happiness, joy, delight
Harshad Harshad means one who gives pleasure, delighted, happy
Harshak Harshak means delightful
Harshal Harshal means delighted, a lover, joyful, glad
Harshaman Harshaman means full of joy
Harshanand Harshanand means happiness forever
Harshat Harshat means happiness
Harshavardan Harshavardan means creator of joy, one who increases joy
Harshavardhan Harshavardhan means creator of joy, one who increases joy
Harshda Harshda means one who gives pleasure, giver of joy
Harshil Harshil means joyful, kings of the hills, kind-hearted, delighted
Harshill Harshill means joyful, kings of the hills, kind-hearted, delighted
Harshim Harshim means pagal, over smart
Harshith Harshith means joyous, cheerful, happy
Harshnil Harshnil means scared
Harshu Harshu means deer
Harshul Harshul means deer, funny, cheerful, gregarious, Buddha lover
Harshvardhan Harshvardhan means creator of joy, one who increases joy
Harsit Harsit means joyous, cheerful, happy
Harsith Harsith means joyous, cheerful, happy
Harteij Harteij means radiance of lord
Haryaksh Haryaksh means Lord Shiva, the eyes of lion, name of Vishnu
Haryaksha Haryaksha means eyes of Lord Shiva
Hasan Hasan means songs of worship, famous, prayer, praise
Hasanth Hasanth means one who delights
Hashal Hashal
Hashan Chandra (moon), beautiful, handsome
Hashwardhan Hashwardhan means king
Hashwin Hashwin means happiest
Hashwindran Hashwindran
Hasik Hasik means smiling, gregarious, funny, delightful
Hasit Hasit means laughing, happy, delightful
Hasith Hasith means laughing, happy, delightful
Hasmith Hasmith means ever-smiling
Hasmukh Hasmukh means full of cheer
Hast Hast means hand
Hastin Hastin means elephant
Haswanth Haswanth means joyous
Haswith Haswith means happy
Hasya Hasya means happy
Hatish Hatish means with no desire, simple, not greedy
Havan Havan means offering an oblation with fire, sacrifice, another name for Agnni, offering
Havih Havih means oblation, offerings
Havish Havish means Lord Shiva, sacrifice, one who gives offerings to God
Havita Havita
Hayaan Hayaan means life
Hayagriv Hayagriv means one of Lord Krishna's incarnations, specific to education
Heer Heer means powerful, power, diamond, darkness
Heeram Heeram means its biblical name
Heeran Heeran means lord of the diamonds, immortal
Heet Heet means love
Heetraj Heetraj means best wishing, lovely raja
Heeva Heeva means ultimate
Hem Hem means gold
Hemabindu Hemabindu means dewdrop
Hemachandra Hemachandra means golden moon
Hemachandran Hemachandran
Hemadri Hemadri means mountain of gold
Hemakesh Hemakesh means Lord Shiva, golden-haired, Shiva
Hemamdar Hemamdar means golden creeper
Hemanand Hemanand
Hemang Hemang means one with a shining body
Hemanga Hemanga means golden-bodied
Hemank Hemank means diamond
Hemansh Hemansh means a part of gold
Hemanshu Hemanshu means the moon
Hemant Hemant means gold or Lord Buddha, early winter
Hemanth Hemanth means gold or Lord Buddha, early winter
Hemanthsree Hemanthsree means gold and money
Hemaprakash Hemaprakash means golden light
Hemaprasad Hemaprasad means king of gold
Hemaraj Hemaraj means king of gold
Hemil Hemil means hem means gold
Hemin Hemin means canoe man
Hemish Hemish means lord of the earth
Hemitraa Hemitraa means lord vishnu
Hemkar Hemkar means lord of wealth; lord shiva / vishnu
Hemkesh Hemkesh means lord shiva, golden haired, shiva
Hemkrish Hemkrish means golden krishna
Hemnath Hemnath means gold or lord buddha, early winter
Hemraj Hemraj means king of gold
Hems Hems means gold
Hemu Hemu means gold
Henil Henil means foamy
Henith Henith means tiger
Herak Herak means glory of hera, divine glory
Heramb an erudite, respected and calm person
Heramba Heramba means mothers beloved son, boastful, name of ganapati
Herin Herin means horse-lord
Herish the person who feels that what he is doing is actually gods wish
Herit Herit means beautiful algonquin
Heshini Heshini means rising sun
Het Het means love
Hetaksh Hetaksh means existence of love
Hetansh Hetansh means rising sun; well wisher
Hetarth Hetarth means distribute love, well wisher
Hetash Hetash means energy
Hetav Hetav means gives love
Hetshree Hetshree means love of god
Hetveer Hetveer means brave love
Hetvik Hetvik means lord siva
Heyansh Heyansh means heart piece; part of lord shiva
Heymanpreet Heymanpreet means god of gold
Hima Sai Hima Sai means snow
Himachal Himachal means the himalayas
Himadri Himadri means snow mountain, the himalayas
Himaghna Himaghna means the sun
Himajesh Himajesh means lord shiva. consort of himaja (goddess parvati devi)
Himaksh Himaksh means him aksh (lord shiva)
Himal Himal means ice, snow mountain
Himalay Himalay means mountain range
Himan himan was the name of one of the famous slaves that had a hand in building the tomb of queen venika
Himaneesh Himaneesh means lord shiva, lord of himani (parvati)
Himangini Himangini means made of snow
Himanish Himanish means lord shiva, lord of himani (parvati)
Himanjay Himanjay means winner of snow land
Himank Himank means diamond
Himansh Himansh means part of shiv
Himanshu Himanshu means the moon
Himansu Himansu means the moon
Himanth Raj Himanth Raj means intelligent
Himasekhar Himasekhar means lord shiva, hima - ice + shekhar - peak
Himavanth Himavanth means king
Himesh Himesh means king of snow
Himi Himi means famous, renowned
Himir Himir means calm; cold
Himmat Himmat means courage
Himnish Himnish means lord shiva, lord of the mountain
Hindol Hindol means a swing
Hinesh Hinesh means king of henna
Hirak Hirak means hira
Hiran Hiran means lord of the diamonds, immortal
Hiranmay Hiranmay means golden, made of gold
Hiranmaya Hiranmaya means golden, made of gold
Hiranyagarbha Hiranyagarbha means the all powerful creator
Hiranyak Hiranyak means name of a maharishi
Hirav Hirav means means greenery.
Hirdaya Hirdaya means heart
Hiren Hiren means lord of the diamonds
Hirendra Hirendra means lord of diamonds
Hiresh Hiresh means king of gems
Hishal Hishal means gifted
Hitaish Hitaish means well wisher, good person, faith
Hitakrit Hitakrit means well wisher, well to do
Hital Hital means friendly
Hitansh hitansh is the wish for our happiness and favorable
Hitanshu Hitanshu means well wisher
Hitarth Hitarth means distribute love, well wisher
Hiten Hiten means the heart
Hitendra Hitendra means well wisher
Hitesh Hitesh means lord of goodness, lord venkateswara
Hiteshwar Hiteshwar means it means, heart of god
Hithaishin Hithaishin means one who wishes good
Hithesh Hithesh means lord of goodness, lord venkateswara
Hitraj Hitraj means best wishing, lovely raja
Homesh Homesh means the god of havan
Honhar Honhar means excellent
Hrehaan Hrehaan means gods chosen one (celebrity name: hritik roshan)
Hreyansh Hreyansh means one who have great heart
Hridaan Hridaan means gift of heart, preference of heart, who is great heart
Hridan Hridan means gift of heart, preference of heart, who is great heart
Hriday Hriday means heart
Hridaya Hridaya means the heart
Hridayanand Joy of the heart
Hridayanath Lord of the heart
Hridayansh Part of heart
Hridayanshu Light from the heart
Hridayesh King of heart, Lord of hearts
Hridaynath Beloved
Hridesh Heart
Hridhaan Heart; One with a great heart
Hridham Prosperous
Hridhima Heart
Hridik Lord of the heart, Beloved, Genuine
Hridyansh Piece of heart
Hridyanshu Light from heart, Moon
Hrihaan Gods chosen one, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of enemies
Hrikin Powerful, Glory
Hriman Wealthy
Hrishab Morality
Hrishi Pleasure, Sage, Ray of light, Wise, Pious, Light
Hrishikesh One who controls senses
Hrishikesha Beyond the reach of five senses
Hrishiraj Pleasure
Hrishit One who brings happiness
Hrishul Happiness
Hritesh Lovable
Hrithik From the heart, Stream
Hrithvik Priest, Saint, Desire
Hritik Name of a sage, From the heart
Hritish Lord of heart
Hritvik Desire
Hriyaan Wealth
Hriyan Wealth
Hriyansh Wealth
Hruday Heart
Hrudaya Love
Hrudhai Heart
Hrudya Heart
Hrushikesh Lord of all senses
Hrutesh Lord of truth, Lord of springs
Hruthik Name of an old sage, Lord of heart
Hryday Heart
Hrydayesh King of heart, Lord of hearts
Hunar Good qualities
Hurditya Joyous

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