100 Tamil Baby Boy Names

 Top 100 Tamil Baby Boy Names


Selecting the ideal name for your baby is an exhilarating and significant decision. If you are looking for a Tamil name for your baby boy, you are in the right place. Tamil names are known for their rich meanings and cultural significance. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 100 Tamil baby boy names along with their meanings. Whether you prefer traditional names or want something more modern, this list will provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

Popular Traditional Names

  1. Arjun: Derived from the mythological character Arjuna, it means bright or shining.
  2. Karthik: Associated with the Hindu god Murugan, it signifies one who bestows courage.
  3. Manoj: A classic name meaning born of the mind or mind-born.
  4. Prakash: Signifying light or brightness, it has a timeless appeal.
  5. Ravi: Derived from the Sanskrit word for sun, it represents energy and vitality.
  6. Suresh: Meaning ruler of the gods, it is a popular traditional choice.

 Names Inspired by Nature

  1. Akash: Reflecting the vastness of the sky or space, it signifies freedom and expansion.
  2. Bharath: Derived from the word Bharat, which means land or India, it represents patriotism.
  3. Jeevan: Signifying life, it connects to the beauty and vitality of nature.
  4. Neel: Derived from the Sanskrit word for blue, it symbolizes calmness and serenity.
  5. Varun: Associated with the god of water, it represents the power and tranquility of the sea.

Modern and Trendy Names

  1. Aarav: A popular contemporary name meaning peaceful or calm.
  2. Advait: Signifying unique or non-dual, it has a modern and philosophical touch.
  3. Arnav: Representing the ocean or sea, it conveys depth and strength.
  4. Dhruv: Inspired by the Pole Star, it signifies stability and constancy.
  5. Kunal: Meaning lotus, it symbolizes beauty and purity.
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Names Based on Hindu Mythology

  1. Ganesha: Named after the elephant-headed god, it represents wisdom and auspiciousness.
  2. Krishna: Associated with Lord Krishna, a divine figure known for his charm and playfulness.
  3. Rama: Inspired by the hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana, it embodies righteousness and valor.
  4. Shiva: Representing the god of destruction and transformation, it signifies power and spirituality.
  5. Vishnu: Named after the preserver of the universe, it conveys protection and harmony.

Names with Strong Meanings

  1. Ajay: A powerful name meaning invincible or unconquerable.
  2. Balaji: Combining the words Bala (strength) and ji (respect), it signifies strength and .reverence.
  3. Harish: Derived from Hari (a name for Lord Vishnu) and ish (god), it represents divine qualities.
  4. Jayant: Signifying victory, it conveys a strong and triumphant spirit.
  5. Vikram: Meaning valor or courage, it evokes bravery and determination.

Names with a Spiritual Touch

  1. Anand: Denoting bliss or joy, it reflects spiritual fulfillment and contentment.
  2. Devan: Derived from the word deva (god), it represents divine presence.
  3. Ishan: Associated with Lord Shiva, it signifies spiritual consciousness and enlightenment.
  4. Mohan: Inspired by Lord Krishna, it means charming or bewitching.
  5. Yogesh: Meaning lord of yoga or master of meditation, it symbolizes spiritual wisdom.

Names Inspired by Tamil Literature

  1. Kavi: Derived from the Tamil word for poet, it pays homage to the rich literary heritage.
  2. Mani: Meaning gem or jewel, it reflects beauty and uniqueness.
  3. Sundar: Signifying beautiful or handsome, it is a timeless name found in classical literature.
  4. Valli: Associated with the mythical character Valli, it represents love and devotion.
  5. Vinoth: Denoting talented or skillful, it celebrates artistic abilities.

Names with Historical Significance

  1. Chola: Inspired by the great Chola dynasty, it reflects a glorious past and cultural heritage.
  2. Kamaraj: Named after K. Kamaraj, a prominent political leader, it embodies dedication and service.
  3. Periyar: Paying tribute to E. V. Ramasamy Periyar, a social reformer, it represents progressive thinking.
  4. Rajendra: Derived from Rajendra Chola, a renowned ruler, it signifies leadership and strength.
  5. Subramanian: Associated with the Tamil god Murugan, it represents valor and intelligence.

Celebrity-Inspired Names

  1. Ajith: Inspired by Ajith Kumar, a popular actor, it is a fashionable choice.
  2. Dhanush: Named after the multi-talented actor and musician, it signifies creativity and passion.
  3. Kamal: Reflecting Kamal Haasan, an iconic figure in the film industry, it symbolizes excellence.
  4. Suriya: Associated with Suriya, a versatile actor, it represents versatility and charm.
  5. Vijay: Inspired by Vijay, a charismatic actor, it denotes success and charisma.

Choosing a Tamil baby boy name is an opportunity to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu. Whether you prefer traditional names or seek something more modern, the top 100 Tamil baby boy names provided in this article offer a wide range of options. Remember to consider the meanings and significance behind each name to find the perfect fit for your little one. Embrace the beauty of Tamil names and embark on this joyous journey of naming your precious child.


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