Baby development Month by month - 1 year milestones

Baby development Month by month

During early childhood, a baby develops very fast. Though every child develops at a different pace and slight variations are normal, experts set certain milestones. As a conscious parent, you must watch your baby’s milestones to keep track of her development. 

Baby development Month by month - 1 year milestones

 Milestone for a 1-month-old baby

  • Weight gain: 0.7 – 0.9 KG 
  • Height gain: 2.5 – 4 cm 
  • Sleeps 16-19 hours in 5-6 naps.
  • Can identify your smell.
  • Gives various facial expressions. 
  • Gets Shocked at every loud noise.
  • Eyesight develops to visualize objects at 8-10 inches distance.
  • Unable to follow a moving object visually. 
  • Enjoys contrast color patterns.

 Milestone for a 2-month-old baby 

  • Weight gain: 0.7 – 0.9 KG 
  • Height gain 2.5 – 4 cm  
  • Sleeps 15-18 hours with 5-6 naps. 
  • Makes gurgling noise. 
  • Moves hand to mouth. 
  • Smiles and makes purposeful sounds to grab your attention. 
  • Turns head towards familiar sounds, especially mother’s voice.
  • Makes simple arm and leg movements.
  • Tries to hold vision on any object.
  • Develops improved head and neck control.

 Milestone for a 3-month-old baby

  • Weight gain: 0.7 – 0.9 KG 
  • Height gain 2.5 – 4 cm 
  • Sleeps 15-17 hours with 4-5 naps.
  • Starts to babble. 
  • Mimics some sound or expression. 
  • Smiles at the sound of the familiar voice. 
  • Rolls over on to the chest and lifts head up. Kicks legs up when lying on the stomach. 
  • Puts finger, thumb, or fist into the mouth. 
  • Start making vowel sounds (Ooh, Ahh).
  • Identify familiar faces and objects from a distance. 
  • Opens and closes the hands. 
  • Grasps and shakes toys and other objects. 

 Milestone for a 4-month-old baby

  • Weight gain: 0.4 – 0.5 KG
  • Sleeps for 17 hours in 4-5 naps 
  • Can anticipate predictable events and shows expression towards her. 
  • Smiles and laughs with gusto to show pleasure. 
  • Howls and rages with frustration when becomes unhappy. 
  • When lying on the tummy rolls on to the back. 
  • Pushes down on legs when held up.

 Milestone for a 5-month-old baby

  • Sleeps for 17 hours a day in two or three naps. 
  • Vision capabilities mature. 
  • Can visually follow moving objects situated at close range or at a distance. 
  • Shows enthusiasm towards bright colors. 
  • Shows language skills with the ability to make repetitive sounds. 
  • Rolls over from tummy to back and back to belly again.
  • Grasps the feet and try to insert them into the mouth.
  • Shows interest in food indicating the readiness for solid food.

 Milestone for a 6-month-old baby

  • Sleeps for 14 – 16 hrs at night plus 4-5 daytime naps.
  • Sits up for a short period without any support. 
  • Makes sounds of consonants and vowels. 
  • Shows pleasure and displeasure in various activities. 
  • Recognizes names. 
  • Expresses emotions through smiles, crying, laughter, sadness, or anger.

 Your baby is half a year old already! The little cutie will now showcase skills that you want to notice and help in development. The little one can now try to eat solids if she hasn’t already started. 

Milestone for a 7-month-old baby

  • Sleeps for 12 – 16 hrs at night plus 2-3 naps of 30 mins to 120 mins.
  • Sits up without support for a more extended period. 
  • Recognizes the word ‘no’ and responds to it. 
  • Understand emotions through tone of voice.
  • Initiates raking grasp - will spread fingers around objects and try to pick it up. 
  • Responds to many expressions. 
  • Puts every object into the mouth. 
  • Tries to speak more consonants while babbling.

 Milestone for 8-month-old baby

  • Sleeps 12 hrs at night plus 2-3 naps of 30 mins to 120 mins.
  • Learns to sit up independently. 
  • Can babble and make sounds. 
  • Tries to eat finger food like soft raw fruits. 
  • Start showing signs of separation anxiety. 
  • Might be attracted and attached to a specific toy.
  • Begins to crawl.
  • May pronounce some words like mama.
  • Grasps smaller objects.

 Milestone for a 9-month-old baby

  • Sleeps 12 hrs at night plus 2-3 naps of 30 mins to 120 mins.
  • Develops strong attachment and preferences for few people.
  • Expresses separation anxiety. 
  • Picks up the finger food and eat them. 
  • Uses fingers to indicate. 
  • Responds to their name and understand the word ‘No.’
  • Create different sounds. 
  • Afraid of strangers and anxious to be with parents. 
  • Likely to initiate crawling.
  • Tries to pull up self to stand. 
  • Acquires sitting position and sits without support. 

 Milestone for a 10-month-old baby

  • Sleeps 12 hrs at night plus two naps of 30 mins to 120 mins.
  • Get attracted towards toys and shakes, bangs and throws them. 
  • Tries to imitate your pattern of speech. 
  • Communicates through body gestures. 
  • Develop their own baby sign language for communication.
  • Might crawl. 
  • Pulls up on furniture to stand. 

 Milestone for 11-month-old baby

  • Sleeps 12 hrs at night plus two naps of 30 mins to 120 mins. 
  • Recognizes numerous objects by their names. 
  • Pulls up with support and stand for a few seconds. 
  • Might walk a few steps without support.
  • Might follow certain simple instructions. 
  • Can speak a few words even with unclear pronunciation. 

 Milestone for a 12-month-old baby

  • Sleeps at least 12 hours. 
  • Sits without assistance. 
  • Crawls on hands and knees. 
  • Pulls self up to stand and walk holding the furniture or other objects.
  • May walk without assistance. 
  • Explore things by shaking, throwing, dropping, or banging. 
  • Speak a few words by indicating gestures.
  • Imitates words. 
  • Responds to simple instructions.
  • Looks at the person or object when named.
  • Speaks words like dada or mama.


Happy birthday little one. The small baby has developed month by month and is now a toddler. Now she wants to explore the world and will wander off towards anything that catches her attention. You’ve joined the club of parents who will now have to help their child to learn new skills like jumping over cushions, drawing and scribbling and beam at the artwork she creates all over the house.


Baby development month by month milestones is a broad concept. Most babies reach the milestones as described in the above article, but there always are few exceptions. Some may take a longer time to get to the milestone than others. The studies have revealed that accomplishing any skill of milestones earlier does not predict the supremacy in set skills in the future. Even then, if you have a query, speak to the pediatrician


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 Baby Development Month By Month - 1 Year Milestones

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