Heart Flamingo - New-Age Cloth Diapers with Soaker and Booster

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Product Info

  • 77% saving (Total 16 diapers = 3 years)
  • 0 lead or Phthalates - Made in India
  • Lasts upto 10-12 hours
  • Washable, reusable & waterproof
  • Highly absorbent
  • 1 diaper, 4 sizes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Say goodbye to skin rashes & allergies
  • Certified organic cotton
  • Soft & Gentle
Flamingo Hearts - New-Age Cloth Diapers


  • 1 Waterproof Outer Shell
  • 1 Wet-free prefold Pad. (Booster Pad is not included). Click here to buy Booster Pad Seperately.


Size Weight Range Age Range
one size 5-17kg 0 – 24months

We ensure your baby has a dry, cushy and soft bum for the longest time with our wet-free prefold pad that consists of 13 layers (after folding) of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton + 8 layers of Booster Pad made with organic cotton. This means that in total, this wonder product has 21 layers!

On top of it, it has a safe soft absorbent stay-dry sheet on top.

We mean it when we say we understand what a loving parent's care entails and so we want to make your time worthwhile. The best part of the New Age Cloth Diaper is that with the easy snap system you can adjust the length as well as waist size according to the need.

The snaps in New Age Cloth Diaper comes with

1x2 system which means

2 rows of snaps on the waist

1 row of snaps on the flap

So now easily adjust the length by either using the top or bottom row as needed. Same goes with the waist!

Who says diapers aren't customisable?

Snug recommends:

Wet Free Prefold + Booster Pad - medium to heavy wetter (Pees 2+ times/hr).

At night, use Outer Shell with Wet Free Prefold Pad + Booster Pad.

Wet Free Prefold Pad - light wetter (Pees 1 time/hr)


Our New Age Diaper is flexible and can work wonders at all time for your little one. For a shorter span, team it up with a wet free prefold pad. And to keep the baby dry overnight, use a booster pad.

New Age Diaper diapers are made for babies of 3 months to 2 years. In terms of weight, babies weighing between 5kgs to 17 kgs.

Generally, it keeps a heavy wetter baby dry for 10-12 hours. But if you are looking for an even heavier absorbent nappy you can simply add the booster pad.

New Age Diaper is snug, soft, highly absorbent diaper and also your baby’s best friend. It is super convenient to use and is a perfect mix of a one-use diaper and the cloth of a langot.

Our New Age Diaper consists of an Outer Shell, one Wet Free Pre Fold Pad, and one Booster Pad.

We believe in the ‘Try and Buy’ approach. Let your little ones get the feel of the product, if they or you don’t find it the right fit you can return it within 15 days of purchase. Click here to know more.

The Outer Shell is made of PUL fabric. This material is breathable but at the same time is waterproof. At 0.05 mm thickness, it waterproofs which keeps the exterior cotton-soft. While regular diapers use plastic filled with chemicals ultimately irritating the baby’s soft and tender skin.

Yes, the size of the New Age Diaper can be modified as it comes with an adjustable waist button. Not only that, you can also customize the length to modify the size of the thigh region as per the baby from small i.e. 5-7 kgs, medium i.e. 7-12 kgs, large i.e. 12-15 kgs to extra-large i.e. 15-17 kgs.

New Age Diaper is loved by moms and is ideal for your baby. It's super-absorbent, waterproof, keeps the baby dry for long, perfect for a longer run, and comfy at the same time. This all-in-one feature lacks in most of the regular langots and diapers. Regular langots are made of regular fabric and can’t lock the pee ultimately making the baby feel uncomfortable. But when you switch to New Age Diaper you can be stress-free all the time. Because with a super-absorbent diaper it is also a hassle-free experience for you and your baby. It can hold onto the pee or poo for longer without making the baby’s bum feel wet. Though we would advise changing the diaper after every poo. The New Age Diaper works perfectly for 2-3 hours with the Wet Free Pre Fold Pad. When used with a booster pad, it can go up to approx. 5 hours depending upon the wetting pattern of the baby.

We use a PUL fabric material for our Outer Shell which makes it completely waterproof. For extra absorbency, we use organic cotton soaker pads whose first layer is made of microfleece fabric and a PUL bottom.

Snugkins New Age Diaper can be reused and washed but your regular disposable diapers go to waste after one use. Not only that, it may contain harmful chemicals not suitable for your baby’s tender skin. It might also cause rashes. We at Snugkins make sure your little one only gets the best, softest and organic material which keeps his bummy happy all day long! Along with that, as it’s reusable, which makes it pocket friendly too!

CPSIA tested, can last up to 200-400 washes depending upon your maintenance. In a diapering journey, it can absolutely work up to 3 years and thereafter can also be passed on to another baby.

Readjust the size of the Outer Shell as per the baby’s weight, place the pads on it and seal it with the velcro on the waist. Voila! Your baby is snugged. Now just check the gap around the waist. It should not be too tight or too loose around the thigh.

This is completely subjective depending on how many times your baby pee and if you wash them often or not. If you use 3 disposables every day, 15-18 diapers for the entire 2-3 years will suffice you if you are washing them every day.

Simply add the Booster Pad with the Wet Free Pre Fold Pad and the little one is all set for the entire night.

We’d suggest adding an extra booster pad to the default soaker pad. If you are looking for an even more absorbing diaper then you can use our super heavy wetter booster pad and place it in the back pocket of the Outer Shell.

If your baby is not a heavy wetter, just stick to using the default Soaker Pad. In case of heavy wetter babies, add a Booster Pad with the Regular Soaker Pad and your baby is good to go. You can purchase the Booster Pad here.

When using the machine 1. Get rid of the poo by placing the diaper under a good force of water. 2. Wash the dirty diaper with a little detergent in the machine for 25-30 minutes. You can add a fabric softener if needed. Avoid using fragrant detergents and other conditioners. 3. Now if you have a pile of your regular clothes to be washed, you can add them to the machine with the diapers. Add detergent as required and run the machine as per your daily cycle 4. Lastly, machine-dry the diapers! When washing manually 1. Get rid of the poo by placing the diaper under a good force of water. 2. Wash the pee using a bit of washing powder. 3. Let the diaper soak in the washing powder water for 25-30 minutes. 4. Rub it gently with your hands. It is advisable to use fabric softener if needed and avoid any other fabric conditioners and/or fragrant. 5. Rinse thoroughly. 6 Let it air/sun-dry. Tada, the diaper is now squeaky clean!

Put both Soaker Pad and Booster Pad on the Outer Shell. The specially curated pockets are ideally made for adding extra pads and major pads in it apart from the regular ones.

For an overall flawless experience, we only sell the Outer Shell and Soaker Pad in a bundle to avoid all kinds of confusion regarding the usage. .

It is not necessary to change the New Age Diaper after each pee as it can perfectly work for in the day and 12 hours at night on an average. They can also be used overnight as peeing at night is less. We’d suggest changing it after every 3-4 hours. Though you should change it the minute your baby poops.

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Heart Flamingo - New-Age Cloth Diapers with Soaker and Booster
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