Meaning of Amit

Meaning of Amit

Meaning of Amit:

In Sanskrit, "Amit" (अमित) means "infinite," "boundless," or "immeasurable." It is a common name in India and holds a positive connotation, suggesting an expansive or limitless nature. In Hebrew, "Amit" (עָמִית) means "friend" or "colleague." It is used as a unisex name in Israel, highlighting companionship and camaraderie.





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Origin of Amit Name:

As a name of Sanskrit origin, it is widely used in India and other South Asian countries. It has historical and mythological significance in Hindu culture, often associated with divine or heroic qualities. It reflects the value placed on friendship and community in Jewish culture.

Popularity of Amit Name:

In India, "Amit" is a very popular name, especially among Hindu families. It was particularly popular during the late 20th century. In Israel, "Amit" is also quite popular and is used for both boys and girls. Outside of India and Israel, the name "Amit" is less common but is recognized in communities with significant Indian or Jewish populations.

Personality Traits:

Reflecting its Sanskrit meaning, individuals named Amit may be perceived as having a broad perspective, boundless energy, and a generous spirit. They might be seen as ambitious, open-minded, and capable of achieving great things. Reflecting its Hebrew meaning, individuals named Amit are often viewed as friendly, dependable, and good team players. They might be seen as sociable, cooperative, and empathetic.

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