Snug Potty Training Pants Pack of 3

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Product Info

  • Seamless elastic & stitching
  • AZO dye-free
  • 100% Cotton
  • Washable, reusable & semi-waterproof
  • Soft & gentle
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly absorbent & breathable - bye bye rashes!

Snug Potty Training Pants



  • 1 Snug potty training pant.


Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
1 - 2 years 2 - 3 years 3 – 4 years

We get it. Potty training is not an easy phase for your toddler. But we are here for you with 4 layers of soft, absorbent cotton we call the Snug Pants. Lined with waterproof TPU laminate to help keep clothes dry, Snug Potty Training Pant is designed to help catch small accidents while training.

Isn't it a smart aid for diaper free toilet training time?

Snug Fit

  • Leg gusset design to avoid leaking
  • Thick lining for absorbing accidents
  • Covered elastic waistband for increased comfort and ease of pulling up and down

The training pants are designed in a way that is perfect for potty training and for your baby to wear training pants during the day and use diapers during the night.

Material Specification -

Made of 100% cotton with a layered panel of cotton in the bottom which gives your baby a very comfortable feeling and soft touch. The soft ribbed elastic on the waist and sides is extremely comfortable for delicate skin, and very easy to pull up and down for frequent trips to the loo. These potty-training pants are layered with a panel of cotton padding in the bottom area with a semi-waterproof layer in the centre.


In order to avoid any leakages and to keep the process hassle-free, our Snug Pants consists of three layers of cotton pads.

Our Snug Pants help your baby to move up from the age of diapers to the age of underwear, smoothly and without any compromise.

Snug Pants make it the ideal choice for your baby due to its unique solution for a comfortable time without using a diaper. Further, saying no rashes! Our Snug Pants are thoughtfully created by understanding the need of an active baby who soon will be trained for potty. Making it even easier for its future potty training. Since the baby needs to realise how wetness is felt, so that the potty training is well grasped, our Snug Pants DO NOT consist of the extra absorbent layer on top. However, they are your easy pull up style underwear which serves the basic purpose of containing up to 1 pee without any discomfort of a diaper.

Our Snug Pants prove to be a better replacement for any regular underwear or boxers. How much ever similar they may look to the regular ones they differentiate by soaking your baby’s pee with the cotton pads in it.

Since our Snug Pants allow the baby to feel wet after they have peed though not causing any leakage these prove to be a stepping stone for your baby in understanding potty training.

Printed with AZO Free dyes which make them baby-friendly and eye-catching. Our Snug Pants are made using organic cotton.

Sorry! The Snug Pants are not available for a free trial. Nevertheless! We're extremely sure that you won’t be disappointed.

The concept of our Snug Pants came as a mother’s need for her growing baby who is about to be potty trained. The idea and design of a mother behind this is to allow your baby to feel wetness after peeing in order to make the baby grasp its potty training easily.

Carefully curated in order to eliminate the dread of diaper times for your baby. Our Snug Pants can soak up to 1 pee varying with the pee pattern of each baby.

Our Snug Pants come in 3 sizes to fit the babies with an age span of 1 to 4 years. We have attached the measuring chart using which you can determine the perfect fit for your baby.

They can easily soak up to 1 pee however, depending on your baby’s peeing pattern and may cause leakage beyond 1 pee considering it is full.

It is super simple to wash and store Snug Pants. Here’s how 1: Rinse the Snug Pants by placing them under running water. 2: Now, wash it just like your regular clothes with detergent. You can either machine wash or hand wash.

Suggesting to use these for overnights and nap times will hamper the comfort of your baby. Since comfort is the top-most priority, we do not want your baby to feel any sort of discomfort which may be caused by spilling if the baby pees more while asleep. However, we do have extremely convenient diapers in order to allow your baby to sleep comfortably.

Accepting returns makes hygiene go for a toss, which none of us would want for the babies. Hence, we do not accept returns.

Snug Pants are best for the baby and the parents in order to let the baby have a diaper free time considering the holding pattern of up to 1 pee. The absence of the super absorbent layer makes the baby understand what wetness is. On the other hand, New Age Diapers are for long hours that need a diaper but by replacing it with the cloth and yet maintaining a comfortable sleep. Both play a pivotal role in a baby’s diapering journey making comfort the priority without hampering its basic demand of spillage.

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