Due date calculator

Due date calculator

The most frequently asked question from an expecting mother is – When will the baby be due. Once a woman gets pregnant, all the family members anxiously wait to pamper the baby. Parents need a lot of patience while going through the nine months for the little one's arrival. In this journey filled with a lot of suspense, curiosity and fun, family members check out various symptoms in the mom-to-be that indicate the gender of the baby. They all collectively and individually think of names for the baby. Among all these speculations, they all want to calculate the due date for the baby's arrival.

Usually, gynecologists provide the due date for the baby based on the first day of the last period or even based on the ultrasound reports. But one can use the pregnancy calculator, also known as the due date calculator, to calculate your due date. Figuring the due date by yourself through the internet or manually will enhance your excitement level and help you quench your thirst for curiosity.

What is the due date calculator?

A due date calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the probable date when your baby will arrive in this world. Rather than manual calculation, you can choose the calculator for hassle-free calculation. It can be found online. It is easy to access the due date calculator available on the internet. To calculate, you merely need to enter the 1st-day date of your last menstrual cycle and your average cycle duration. The calculator will use this information to generate your conception date from which the due date will be calculated. You must put the accurate date and other information as the due date calculator develops the report based on your inputs.

Here is a due date calculator for your convenience.

Advantages of due date calculator

People usually presume that the due date calculator is especially meant to estimate the due date of a pregnant woman. This presumption is not correct. In fact, there are many other dates that one can determine with the help of a due date calculator. A little bit of analysis can help you discover the date when you expect to see your baby's heartbeat, your conception date, and the date when you begin to feel the baby's movements. It also helps you draw a detailed overview of your pregnancy and its progress.

It is crucial for a pregnant woman to know and understand her pregnancy stages. Thus, every woman must have a clear understanding of her pregnancy due date. The calculator helps the woman in multiple ways to give birth without any hassle or glitches. Using a calculator can help mom-to-be to have proper and detailed planning of the majority of the pregnancy.

How the due date calculation works 

As we know, the calculation takes place based on the first day of your last menstrual period and the average cycle duration. The total number of days that the baby spends in the mother's womb is around 280 days or 40 weeks. With this same concept, the due date calculator derives the result for the baby's due date. 

Does the due date calculator give accurate results?

It is a matter of debate. Some people will favor the due date calculator and claim its accuracy, while others may not be in favour of its accuracy. However, the truth is somewhere in the middle. On average, the percentage of accuracy is higher. A suitable calculating device provides 80% accuracy, and the date offered by the calculator can be sufficiently utilized to plan for the upcoming months of pregnancy. Usually, working women use a due date calculator to take time off from work as per requirements.

Though due date calculators are not accurate in revealing the scheduled date it gives the nearest possible estimate.  

  • It reveals an 80% accurate result

  • It is easy to handle and operate

  • It can help you draw a good pregnancy plan

  • It helps you not miss out on any important moment, including your regular check-up, dietary plan, etc.  

Can I rely on an online due date calculator?

Although the physical calculator is not a very puzzling device, some people prefer to use an online calculator. Many websites offer free online due date calculators. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a device.        

How to discover the most accurate due date?

The correct due date can be acquired after the ultrasound during the first trimester. It measures the size of the baby and hence the most probable due date can be estimated. But even then, it is not every time that the delivery happens on the due date as many other factors are responsible for triggering labor. You must however, consider the due date calculation for your estimation as it is the best tool to remind you of multiple things that you may skip without it. 


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